Chicken.  Something I can eat an awful lot of, or have in the past.  These days I mix my protein sources as much as I can but this point remains.  I should thank them, this is what pushed me over the edge.  This, and the well fair of the chickens involved. Now, I’m a hypocrite.  I eat meat and have no intention of stopping but I’m strongly against cruelty to animals and the mistreatment of animals so we can squeeze every last gram of meat and every penny from them.  Yeah, I like the slaughtered animal I’m eating to at least have had a good life.  

So, chicken.  Understand that when you read ingredients on a packet they are in order of most to least.  Hows this for what is in chicken.

Chicken Breast, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Cornflour, Salt, Stabiliser: Sodium Triphosphate; Rapeseed Oil. 

But I only want to eat chicken?

So what is that stuff added any why, also should I be eating it?

Chicken Breast,
Rice Flour – used as a thickening agent (also helps retain moisture)
Potato Starch – Again to retain moisture and binding (also in wallpaper paste!)
Cornflour – Thickening agent
Salt – Salt!
Stabiliser: Sodium Triphosphate – preservative (you want that shelf life dont you!)
Rapeseed Oil – basically a vegetable oil and not one I would choose to cook with.

Much you might see as harmless though Im also interested in what is in the actual chicken breast.  I know its certainly not just slices of chicken breast that’s for sure!

So what to do? Buy chicken breasts, ideally from a farm.  Buy them from a reasonable source, pasture raised.  Cooked them yourself ideally in something like coconut oil.  That’s it, real chicken and coconut oil. 

As for what’s in stuff like McD’s chicken, you don’t want to know.

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