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Hasn’t it.

While I’m retaining by photo blog over at (Im changing that to allow photo comments and Facebook integration etc), I still used to like this place.  As well as that, I’m looking to add thoughts and perceptions here about a few other things.  Some music, likely a lot of health / nutrition stuff.

But for now, coffee…


Or I’m back.  Ok, I was lulled by Tumblr’s shiney lights but it just wasn’t right.  I can’t be bothered to go into the whys and why nots, but I’ll quickly add a few posts here which are catching up on the posts you missed that I put on Tumblr.  So, if you read them there, you can ignore them here.  Apologies for the seeming duplication.

Well, been a while hasnt it?  I’m not a blogger.  Well, technically I am as I use Twitter which is a type of microblog.  Anyway, I mainly blog by images and I’ll continue to do that going forward.  Last year, amongst others I walked Hadrians Wall from West to East, 84 mile in 5 days.  Sure some have done it quicker, but not with my body!  Anyway, I’ll update some images from that and anything else I feel like bring this up to date a bit with.

Secondly, I’m thinking of getting into Photography.  There are a few things I want to achieve, part of a bucket list if you will.  I told myself that in 2010 I had to get one of these things underway.  So, Photography is it.  I just find visuals can be stunning, breathtaking and very emotive.  One image I think can stir as much emotion as a piece of music.  Like music I think images are very personal, I may look at something (anything) and see something completely different to the next person.  Mind, whether I can finally start to capture some of these images as I see them is another thing.  I realise this will be no small task.  Its not just as simple as picking up a camera and pressing click is it?  Well, not if I want to achieve what I want to achieve.

So, here we are.  You never know, I might even keep this (blog) up for more than 12 months.

What is it with blogging? Somewhere to throw mundane thoughts perhaps.  Anyway, this blog-esque thing will be to track my roaming around on various walks.  After moving home recently into Co. Durham, it seems fitting that my first would be around Lanchester so I’ll start  there.