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Yep, more of my youngest.  These from a day out at Gibside.




A day out at the coast found us in Amble, Northumberland.  I’d love to go back a little better equipped (tripod and other lenses) but while there with my family I at least had my telephoto.  Few snaps later and a bit of processing here we go:

Visited Seaham Hall in County Durham this weekend.  Bit of a treat for my wife and I.  But I wanted to experiment some with light for portrait shots.  Some using light from a window in a darkened room.  Some with flash but using the exposure compensation on the flash to change its strength, then also some using the room lighting.  I’m enjoying portrait shooting at the moment, just need more willing participants! Still an awful lot to learn but this really will come with practice and experimenting.  Here’s some of the results anyway.

While it wasn’t my intention, I’ve become more interested in portrait photography as I have other types.  My interest started really in landscape I think a good landscape image can stir many emotions.  Though I also think it’s as much being there and taking the shot as it is the shot itself.  Anyway, I’m finding the same with portraiture.  Capturing a mood in an image is a very satisfying thing.  I took a workshop recently to learn more about this and it was very interesting, in particular the little tips I picked up.  As ever, it’s mostly about light and how it hits the subject.

Half of the day I spent with a studio set up.  Not as complicated as I expected.  Then afterwards using outdoor light and a buildings natural light.  So, these images below are a selection from these.  The first two were shot using a corridor down lighter with the model looking up at it.  I played with the white balance on one to get the moody effect.  Then we have the studio shot and I’ve cropped right in for a rather pleasing full frame shot followed by another studio indoor image.

Couple of quick snaps here.  These were done while messing around with the wee man and the new 50mm lens.  There’s sure to be a lot more.  Just need more practice with it.


Just a couple here, but a couple I’m fairly pleased with in my progression in portraiture.  I’d say it was one of my weakest points and one I’ve a thirst to learn more about.  I’ve not ventured into studio yet or used any off camera lighting.  So far, all my portrait work is done with just the camera.  I do like to use natural light where I can and one of my favourites is light diffused through a window.  A couple of these below.

My wife is one of these who really doesnt like having her photo taken and it hyper critical of images of her.  So, I’ve went ahead and posted these anyway (I’m doomed!).  Hopefully when she see’s how stunning she looks in these, I can persuade her to be a more willing participant!

The kids are easy, I just show the camera and they instantly pose!

Long may it continue.

Beamish Museum, Co Durham.  I’m fortunate to live very close to here and a recent Photographers evening was a must visit.  Here’s a few shot from the day.  If you haven’t been to Beamish, I’d highly recommend it.  You can find out more here