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Worked with this fella on a recent Macro workshop (with ).  Fantastic little frogs, very calm and happy to sit around while you poke a camera at them.  Just need to make sure they are constantly kept wet (else they can burn in the sun), so don’t need much handling at all.

Milking It


Thought Id take a few snaps today but just hand holding the camera (no tripod).  Set the camera to f/11 for max deptth of field and also used the flash to try and assist with the harsh shadows from the sun.  I just used on board flash rather than the speedlight.  More for ease / lazyness really.  the main objective was to see how decent I could get the shots in this rather haphazard method.  When operating in such a small dof, slight sway when kneeling throws the focus all over the place.  Still, some interesting shots but as ever they always leave me wanting to get closer still.

Yes ok, it yet another post with yet more flowers.  I’ve had these in pots at the front of our house and I’ve been meaning to get outside side to capture them.  Of course I do what any person of sound mind with a hayfever afflication does and waits until one of the hottest days of the year.  I was uncomfortable and hot.  For that reason I didnt spend as much time on these as I had planned.  But here they are anyway.

See, told you I’d post some pictures.

Getting used to my extension tubes that I’ve added to my Macro lens.  Means focussing in manual only but thats standard with macro anyway.  I also have to use live view when doing macro.  I like to think I have good eyes, but I still struggle to see when something it in focus as Id like.  Doesnt help either with light reflecting on the screen and the odd gust of wind moving the subject.  The depth of field is so sensitive that it has to remain totally still.  I had tried to get at least one bee shot but they were just too quick.  I focussed on one part and waited but no sooner had I tried to re-focus and it was off again.  I set it up by guess work and had a half decent one but sadly was the wrong half.  Unless you like bee’s arses that is.  That was nicely in focus but not the thorax and head which I was after.  Ho hum.

So, 30 or so shot later and I picked out three.

The name cuckoo-spit is said to have derived from the arrival of the spittle on plants which coincided with the first call of the cuckoo in spring. There are also oblique references to superstitions about spitting, whenever a cuckoo is heard, to avoid bad luck. Certainly cuckoo-spit was an important ingredient in witches’ brew (as in Macbeth) and in Scandinavian countries the froth is known as ‘witches’ spit’.

Cuckoo-spit is the white, frothy substance found on certain plants during the spring and early summer. It is produced by the froghopper, or ‘cuckoo-spit insect’ which is also sometimes called the ‘spittle-bug’. The froth is also known in the United States as ‘snake-spit’, ‘frog-spit’ or ‘toad-spit’.

Text source :-

Macbeth) and in Scandinavian countries the froth is known as ‘witches’ spit’.

Getting there.  Ok, so I have high standards.  This is much better than previous, but I need more.  This was done using my new trek tech monopod (very worthy purchase) but I should have had the legs out and used the release.  Still, much better.