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Worked with this fella on a recent Macro workshop (with ).  Fantastic little frogs, very calm and happy to sit around while you poke a camera at them.  Just need to make sure they are constantly kept wet (else they can burn in the sun), so don’t need much handling at all.

Milking It


Third time I have now done this walk.  Third time it has been wet.  For much of the walk visibility was poor as the cloud and mist was our guide.  Spirits were low as we were constantly battered by wind and rain as we tried to walk across peat and heather.  Ah the great outdoors!

You may find the photos here reflected the mood on the day!

Yes that time has come.  I am moving my photo blog over to a flashier home (still powered by WordPress I must add).  I’ll likely still post in this blog for its original intention which was about fell/hill walking.

So, for all those that fall here now and again, please look over to and subscribe to the RSS there.


When I leave home and go to town, My wife always says to me ” Keep your eyelids up and see what you can see”

All the long way down that road and the way back,
Ive looked and Ive looked and Ive kept careful track
But all that I’ve noticed, except my own feet
Was a guy in a hat on Northumberland St.


Thats nothing to tell of, that wont do of course.  Just a man in a hat drinking some kind of sauce.
That cant be my story, thats not all there was to see.
Ill say I saw someone reading a book in front of me
And thats a story that no one can beat, when I say that I saw it on Northumberland St.

Yes the book is fine, but I think it’s a shame.  Such a wonderful book but no sounds to his name.
The story would really be better to hear, if also near him was a musician with beard!


But thats not enough toys, we needed more noise!
A drummer is better in fact two is quite neat! Now they would fit in on old Northumberland St


But hold on a minute, there’s something wrong!
Bass is whats needed to go with their song.
A groove and a blues feel that you can go greet
Something to travel with you down Northumberland St.


But you know theres somethings that are not right for all.  The bustling crowds and music or the mall.
There’s a time to relax, sit and take it all in.
For Northumberland St can be quite a din.



A bit of fun.  Influenced by the Dr Seuss book “Mulberry St”.  That said, Northumberland St is a very lively place these days and somewhere I do enjoy sitting with a coffee and people watching.

You know when something seems a good idea and reality cracks you in the nuts?

The idea was this.  Get up sharp, get down the quayside and capture the Newcastle Quayside waking up.  The people grasping their take away coffee to keep warm and the reflections in the tyne plus the waking sky.  The end results were satisfying but not only didnt I get a coffee myself, but my hands were freezing by the time I was done!

Thought for the day – someone needs to invent a tripod with heated legs…

I’m planning another trip down, this time when the sun has broken.  There is a lot of glass on the Quayside and I’m planning some reflection work as well.


So another trip to Beamish wild and another attempt to capture birds of prey.  Ideally in flight but some of them are such fantastic creatures that you have to take shots as they bask in their glory.  For that I’d say check out the Sea Eagle.  Capturing any bird in flight is a task.  I have such admiration for those who seem to do this effortlessly.  In general I am shooting on continuous focus and spot.  The trouble usually seems to be that as they move so quick, the camera struggles to keep up.  I have also tried to manually focus on one spot and shoot in burst mode in the hope that as the bird passes through my spot I will capture it.  Other struggles are things like wanting to shoot with an aperture of around f/5.6 or less to blur out the background but that given even less room for error.  So, I’ve tried shooting at around f/11 for the increased depth.  It’s an ongoing battle but I’m slowly getting there!

Here are my picks from the visit (by the way, if you are from the north east I’d really suggest visiting Beamish Wild if you havent.  It’s a great day out, especially for kids where they can interact with the birds and learn about them).

Stellar Sea Eagle


Snowy Owl

Stellar Sea Eagle

Short Eared Owl



White Backed Vulture

Common Buzzard

Took a walk to the lake district this weekend and was fortunate enough to have near perfect weather.  I’ve started taking my camera on these walks packed with my kit lens (I have my eye on a Sigma wide angle lens for these walks, maybe after Christmas!).  I dont take my tripod though as would be a bit much to carry (though I may plan a climb for photos only so will take it).

The route I take for the Fairfield Horse shoe starts off in Rydal (tip! part on the road outside the church at the edge of Rydal Visitor Centre.  It’s free parking but I’d encourage you to leave a tip in the church box that’s there).  I walk clockwise around so thats takes you up Nab Scar, Heron Pike and Great Rigg before you arrive at the top of Fairfield.  The top can be a little confusing so Id certainly recommend a compass here as you double back on yourself for the horseshoe.  It’s all too easy to take the wrong path towards St Sunday crag and end up in Patterdale!

Coming off Fairfield you drop down on to Hart Crag, Dove Crag and High Pike before arriving back in Ambleside.

The walk has a total ascent of 3450 feet and is 10.5mile or 17.4 equivalent miles.  At an easy going pace it is 6 hours.

Some images from the walk:



So it’s 5.30am.  5.30am anywhere during October is generally cold.  5.30am in October in Northumberland you KNOW is going to be a bit chilly.  And Dark.  Oh, and in a Caravan, well, now maybe you start wondering how I even got out of bed.  That was kinda what was going through my head as I waited down on the beach at Amble.  This was my first attempt at a coastal sunrise and it didn’t disappoint.  I dont recall if it was really that cold.  Mild I think would be more accurate.  Either way, as soon as the light started to paint the slightly clouded sky I was in awe.  I was fortunate to keep some wits about me and load the grad filters and take some shots.  It was stunning.  Then when the sun did break the horizon it was like watching some cosmic event that only happens once every few hundred years.  I almost wanted to run back and grab the wife and kids (so the kids could look at the grass and say “what?, what do you see?”).

Yet, this happens every day.  But I think this is the first time I really saw it.


and finally to sneak this one in.  This was from later that day.  Amble Harbour.

Yep, more of my youngest.  These from a day out at Gibside.



National Trust area, Gibside Chapel and Pleasure Grounds to give it the full title.  As we live quite close I spend many days wandering the grounds, wondering how I can somehow get to own it… Yes, I do tend to daydream there! Anyway, I’ve always found this gate intriguing.  It sits on a long wall and connect the main drag on to the parking / garden area.