The blog started as a place for me to mutter about my various walks up in the hills.  Generally around Northumberland or the lakes.  It’s kind of evolved in to a photo blog after I took up my interest in photography in December 2009.  Now I also throw in the odd music video and since have also added posts about health and nutrition.  Basically it’s a mixture of those things.  It is’s core though is my overall interest in the world through my eyes in that not just looking at something but really seeing it.  Whether it’s the stunning views standing on top of a hill in the lakes, the wisdom and emotion etched in to an old persons face, or the tiny detail unveiled through a macro lens.

I started shooting with a Nikon D3000 and this served as a very good entry level camera for me.  I’m self taught with a few workshops thrown in for good measure.  I built up a collection of lenses and accessories as would be expected and retained these as I upgraded my camera to a D7000 and then D600 which I use now.  I edit through lightroom though not heavily.  Not so keen on HDR as I find it overused and prefer to try and capture as much as I can naturally through the lens using filters where needed.

Still on the first few steps I feel with much to learn but enjoying every step of it.