Ok, something different.  I’ve been wanting to get started on this for so long and have so much information in my head in various stages of understanding, I didn’t know where to begin.  “somewhere” was the conclusion.

My blog here was intended for photography only.  Now re-igniting it I’m intending it to be photography, nutrition, and general stuff as well.  Lets see if I keep it going..

I suppose a quick thing about nutrition and me.  I’ve been interested in training and nutrition for years but like many, it came in waves and I never really had progress.  Actually I did, the weight I added was around my waist and that’s about it.  Then again, several pints of Guinness each week at football will do that, no matter how much I try to deny it.  I can see that now, but at the time? not so much.

Having children helped.  I seemed to become attuned to my own mortality but also, in honesty (and I really need to be here, food, weight, fat etc can be very emotive and there’s no point me having any BS about it) I wanted my kids to be as proud of me as I am them.  I wanted to be the Dad who is fit and healthy enough as I age to join in with them doing stuff.  I didn’t want my kids to be picked on because their Dad was overweight or whatever.  That was my “WHY”.  More on that later, maybe in another post (search the web for “what’s your why” if interested.

Anyway, I grabbed a personal trainer, grabbed books, read articles in depth, pulled research from all over and listened to podcasts.  3-4 years later and I went from knocking on 16 stone back down to just under 13 stone and now back up at a comfortable 13 1/2 stone.  But as many know, weight isn’t all that important.  Well it is, but it isn’t.  Hmm.  Body composition is important.  Being happy with yourself is important.  Being confident, having vitality, having a constant energy and generally embracing life as a whole, is important.  Easy to say and for many not so easy to do.  Not their fault either.

After hitting 13 stone and being in a much happier place my mindset shifted.  I had to shake off where I was, which I did.  But then I shifted from re-composition towards vitality and wellness.  My nutrition shifted from being macro nutrient based to that of real food.  I wasn’t eating anymore to shed fat and gain lean mass.  I was eating for overall health and ideally, longevity of life.  This also fit in very well with my overall love of nature and natural.  Instead of packing in 180-200g protein per day, I was now looking for grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens, non GMO grains and so on.  This was kick started by my horror and realising what was in my pre-cooked chicken.  Well, chicken right?  Well no, not just chicken at all.  Far from it in fact.

So, mix this in with raising children and not wanting to feed them with absurdly advertised food products full of chemicals and non food stuffs, wanting to improve my overall well being, you start you see the picture.  This hasn’t happened overnight, its been a slow shift.  It’s been constantly tweaking what I do, what I eat and how I train.  It’s been slowly learning about supplementation and how much of that industry alone is a scam and misinformation.

So, with the government, food industry and so on not having a clue. With food companies just wanting you to buy their product, no matter what it is.  With supplement companies feeding on your desire for a quick fix.  With social media telling you what you should be.  Really, what chance do you stand? I’m asked often in conversation about some things, so hopefully I can save some time here and just scribble about what I’ve learned.

I should add, I guess, it’s just me and my findings about my body.  I don’t profess to be any kind of expert and can only base suggestions on what I’ve read and discovered, right or wrong.