So another trip to Beamish wild and another attempt to capture birds of prey.  Ideally in flight but some of them are such fantastic creatures that you have to take shots as they bask in their glory.  For that I’d say check out the Sea Eagle.  Capturing any bird in flight is a task.  I have such admiration for those who seem to do this effortlessly.  In general I am shooting on continuous focus and spot.  The trouble usually seems to be that as they move so quick, the camera struggles to keep up.  I have also tried to manually focus on one spot and shoot in burst mode in the hope that as the bird passes through my spot I will capture it.  Other struggles are things like wanting to shoot with an aperture of around f/5.6 or less to blur out the background but that given even less room for error.  So, I’ve tried shooting at around f/11 for the increased depth.  It’s an ongoing battle but I’m slowly getting there!

Here are my picks from the visit (by the way, if you are from the north east I’d really suggest visiting Beamish Wild if you havent.  It’s a great day out, especially for kids where they can interact with the birds and learn about them).

Stellar Sea Eagle


Snowy Owl

Stellar Sea Eagle

Short Eared Owl



White Backed Vulture

Common Buzzard