Took a walk to the lake district this weekend and was fortunate enough to have near perfect weather.  I’ve started taking my camera on these walks packed with my kit lens (I have my eye on a Sigma wide angle lens for these walks, maybe after Christmas!).  I dont take my tripod though as would be a bit much to carry (though I may plan a climb for photos only so will take it).

The route I take for the Fairfield Horse shoe starts off in Rydal (tip! part on the road outside the church at the edge of Rydal Visitor Centre.  It’s free parking but I’d encourage you to leave a tip in the church box that’s there).  I walk clockwise around so thats takes you up Nab Scar, Heron Pike and Great Rigg before you arrive at the top of Fairfield.  The top can be a little confusing so Id certainly recommend a compass here as you double back on yourself for the horseshoe.  It’s all too easy to take the wrong path towards St Sunday crag and end up in Patterdale!

Coming off Fairfield you drop down on to Hart Crag, Dove Crag and High Pike before arriving back in Ambleside.

The walk has a total ascent of 3450 feet and is 10.5mile or 17.4 equivalent miles.  At an easy going pace it is 6 hours.

Some images from the walk: