So it’s 5.30am.  5.30am anywhere during October is generally cold.  5.30am in October in Northumberland you KNOW is going to be a bit chilly.  And Dark.  Oh, and in a Caravan, well, now maybe you start wondering how I even got out of bed.  That was kinda what was going through my head as I waited down on the beach at Amble.  This was my first attempt at a coastal sunrise and it didn’t disappoint.  I dont recall if it was really that cold.  Mild I think would be more accurate.  Either way, as soon as the light started to paint the slightly clouded sky I was in awe.  I was fortunate to keep some wits about me and load the grad filters and take some shots.  It was stunning.  Then when the sun did break the horizon it was like watching some cosmic event that only happens once every few hundred years.  I almost wanted to run back and grab the wife and kids (so the kids could look at the grass and say “what?, what do you see?”).

Yet, this happens every day.  But I think this is the first time I really saw it.


and finally to sneak this one in.  This was from later that day.  Amble Harbour.