In May 09 a few of us decided to walk west to east across the 84 miles of Hadrians Wall.  A few sunburns, blisters, laughs, shouts, beers, later these were some fo the pics taken.  I should really have wrote this up at the time as it was a fantastic walk and something I really should have gone into depth about.  I think the highlights of the walk were having 5 days of fantastic weather (bit too hot at time to be fair), some of the views along the way and the sheer relief of seeing that finish on the 5th day. But, there were two others that stood out more than any.

The first was the hospitality extended to us by the Barrassford Arms in Barrassford.  We have pre-booked some rooms for the Sunday night but they had pre-warned us that no food would be avilable as they were out for the day.  so, we planned to arrive and grab a taxi to Hexham for food.  When we got there they were back and relaxing with their family in the garden.  Seeing how shattered we were with our packs on etc, they opened the kitchen and cooked us all one of the best steaks I’ve ever tasted.  We then sat with them for a few beers and the next morning they also made a nice donation to the charity.

The Second was on the last day of the walk not as we reached the finish as much as when we reached Newcastle Quayside.  I’m from Newcastle, and so that more than anything felt like I’d arrived home.  We stopped for a coffee on the quay and just took it all in.  Really was a fantastic feeling.  That was the start of the finish and from there was just a walk along the river and up into Wallsend.

My chosen charity for this was the Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund.